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So I had a most unproductive thesis-writing weekend, due to spending most of it sucking down all 26 episodes of Mushishi. (Curse you Hulu!!). So now I've still got the theme song running through my head nonstop and as a little hair-of-the-dog therapy have started reading the manga. BAAAAAAAD GIRL! Haven't gone on such a bender in quite some time. I'm a total sucker for good supernatural/paranormal tales (Requiem from the Darkness, anyone?). Really must get back to reality ASAP. But hey, now I can add yet another one-eyed protagonist to my list of hotties (it really is getting way too long - what is it with anime and eye loss????)

In other news, the humidity is back with a vengeance, I'm still heading towards an impending financial meltdown, I've applied for a job, I have no idea what I'm doing next semester if I don't get that job, and my car is in the shop. Oh boy. Guess that means it's time for another fic. Why not? Still no inspiration on the Trowa front. *hugs him* Can't seem to think of anything that hasn't already been done a dozen times and better than I could. So a little more Gwendal love to tide me over. And maybe someday I'll finish the Roy/Havoc piece I started a millennium ago. Or perhaps my thesis?? *raps knuckles with imaginary ruler*

Title: Gwendal’s Package
Author: Lukoni
Fandom: Kyo Kara Maoh!
Characters: Cheri, Gwendal
Word Count: ca. 980
Summary: Why is everony making passes at Gwendal?? And what can his do to help?
Rating: PG (for “adult situations” - I've always loved that one!)
Warnings: Some naughty thoughts? Also devious moms and embarrassed sons.
Spoilers: None – completely made up back story.
Notes: Finally, a humorous story for this fandom!! It was inspired by a screen cap from episode 47, which reveals that Gwendal seems to be surprisingly well-endowed for an anime character. Resistance was futile. Also, not beta read, so all mistakes are my fault and corrections are always welcome.

Gwendal’s Package

More than anything else in the world, Cheri loved her sons. She would do anything in her power to save them from hurt. Take her eldest son, Gwendal, for instance. When he grew into a tall, strapping young man, no one could have been prouder. He was large in all the right places, she noted fondly, just like his daddy. She couldn’t wait to meet the young lady, or perhaps gentleman, who would be so fortunate as to receive the benefits of his particular charms. Gwendal, however, had no notion of the effect certain of his endowments had on others. A naturally taciturn child, he grew into a serious adult with little patience for frivolity and none for games of love. It was unfortunate that his mazoku pride led him dress meticulously in the current fashions of the court, for the cutaway coats and snug trousers only emphasized his …gifts.

Cheri watched sadly as he grew increasingly frustrated at not being taken seriously as he tried to navigate the grown-up world of politics and intrigue. He knew that he was indulged because he was the Maoh’s son, that people attempted to ingratiate themselves with him in hopes of gaining his mother’s favor. Despite her hints otherwise, Gwendal ascribed the occasional passes and even overt gropes by the more daring adventurers to this motive and gruffly rebuffed all comers. Irritation and anger were his frequent companions.

Cheri could hardly miss the smirks that followed his passage in the halls, the raised eyebrows and pointed looks just below his waistline. And if the few bawdy jokes that managed to make it to her ears were anything to go by, the barracks was full of speculation and wagers on just who would be first to breach that unassailable tower. As a mother, she did her best to encourage her son to live it up, to enjoy his youth, to take a moment or two to smell the flowers. As a son, he did his best to ignore her or change the subject. After the ball in honor of Stoffel’s 200th birthday ended in two black eyes, a dress drenched in punch, a barely-averted duel, Lady Favreau flailing in the fountain and Gwendal seething in his room, Cheri knew she had to intervene. It was clear that her son was, to use marketplace terminology, displaying goods he had no intention of selling.

Her chance came only a few months later when Gwendal was given command of his own division of the army. Most thought it was just a token appointment for the eldest prince, and Cheri knew General Melcher only approved it in the hopes that Gwendal would put out. But the Maoh knew full well that her son had the potential to be one of the best military commanders in Shin Makoku, and that if he hadn’t put out for Maxime Favreau, he certainly would not be doing so for Ortlieb Melcher. So she plotted and planned and sketched and designed, and on the morning Gwendal was to depart for the border garrison that housed his new troops he found a brightly wrapped package waiting for him on the breakfast table.

“Mother?” he asked with a trace of embarrassment. Cheri just gave him her irresistible smile and told him to open it like a good boy. With a slight glower, he did as he was told. He lifted the contents from the box, a crease forming between his brows. It was a long green jacket with gold braid and stout epaulettes.

“Now, now, Gwennie, don’t be cross!” Cheri defended before he could object. “This is a new start for you, and you should have a new uniform to go with it.”

“The one I have is perfectly adequate.”

“Nonsense! It’s years and years old and it has no flair.”

“It was Father’s.”

“Yes, yes, and I told him the same thing, and he never let me redesign it for him.” She pouted artfully for a second. “I used the same colors scheme, just smoothed out the lines to make it more becoming.”

“It’s practically a dress,” he complained, standing and holding it up to himself.

“Not at all, dear!” gushed Cheri and she came over and started unbuttoning the short uniform jacket he wore. “It’s cut slim enough to keep out of the way, and the buttons stop here, so there is plenty of give for riding horseback. Oh Gwennie!!” she cooed as she pulled the new coat closed across his chest. “It’s perfect! It makes you look so tall, and your shoulders so broad! You look like you could tear someone’s head off with your bare hands! I’m so proud!!” Gwendal’s objections crumbled in the face of his mother’s enthusiasm, so with an exasperated sigh and a fond smile, he accepted her gift with the resignation of one long experienced in putting up with Cheri von Spitzberg’s whims.

She watched the hustle and bustle in the courtyard as he prepared to depart. His men looked at him with something approaching fear, she noted smugly, and there were absolutely no sly glances or hungry smiles. It was a shame that he would not embrace the joys she had known, but that was his choice and it was up to her to help him however she could. And so she waved a cheery goodbye as her son rode away, armored in soft green cloth and a forbidding frown.

“You’ve ruined the entertainment of dozens of courtiers, and three times as many soldiers, you know,” said a voice from behind her. Cheri turned to face the mischievous redhead who had long been both friend and tormenter to her son.

“I’ve let them have their fun, Anissina. Their minds will soon find new sport. Besides, my little Conrad will soon be old enough to join the game. I’m sure he’ll give them a run for their money.”

on 2009-04-30 06:56 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Those are great! Thanks!! I do love the one of him sleeping with the book - I've seen that one before, but it's great to be reminded. Perhaps a few of those will percolate in my mind and give me a good idea.

on 2009-04-30 04:07 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
I loved Mushishi.

on 2009-04-30 10:13 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
It was so well done! And apparently it won a bunch of awards when it came out - I feel completely out of the loop for not knowing about it sooner!! Oh well, someday I will be out of my grad school cocoon. :)

on 2009-04-30 10:20 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
I only watched it last year and that was because a couple of different people recced it to me.

on 2009-05-02 02:55 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Ah, trusted reccers are to be cherished! There's a lot of $&@% out there to wade through without them. Same goes for sci-fi/fanstasy novels for me!

on 2009-05-03 02:25 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Yeah they are and I don't have the time or the patience for wallowing through crap to find diamonds.

on 2009-04-30 04:51 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
*g* Very cute! And you're certainly right about Gwendal's *ahem* package.

Also, I totally love Mushishi. It's awesome.

on 2009-04-30 10:16 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Heehee! Glad I'm not the only one to see it that way. Thanks for reading and commenting!!

I had never even heard of Mushishi before - I just came across it browsing through Hulu (I'm SO out of the loop!) so I was not expecting it to be so well done. It really was beautifully done. If only they'd do another season....

on 2009-05-01 09:25 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Gwendal has a good mother, she takes care of her son, despite her own likes and desires. And thank you for the heads up on Mushisi. After reading your comments earlier, I found it at Funimation/You Tube, and have started watching it. It is a very reflective type of story, and I think I will enjoy it very much. Looked at some of the pix above. Gwendal is one handsome fella.

on 2009-05-02 03:09 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Yeah, I think Cheri does her best to keep an eye on her boys between all the flirting. :)

OOOh, glad you checked out Mushishi!! It's fun to share the good stuff. It is indeed a bit reflective, which I tend to enjoy. Not everything has to be about explosions and laser beams and giant robots, after all!

Mmmmmm, yes Gwendal is really quite handsome in my opinion, but sadly a bit of a grouch, so his younger, cuter brothers get all the love. Alas.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting! Hope you enjoy the rest of Mushishi!!!

on 2009-05-11 10:12 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
While I loved the whole fic, I must say that these lines had me giggling uncontrollably: her son was, to use marketplace terminology, displaying goods he had no intention of selling because I could just imagine the look on Gwendal's face if anyone were to tell him that, and this: You look like you could tear someone’s head off with your bare hands! I’m so proud! because only in KKM would a mother actually say those lines. XD

Thanks so much for sharing this with us, I really enjoyed it. =)

Also: I love the Sore Feet Song, too. ♥ It refused to get out of my head for weeks after I'd first heard it. :P

on 2009-05-13 06:00 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
*hugs you* Thank you SOOOO much for the feedback! It is so nice to know that someone has a similar sense of humor (I was getting ready to slink away from this fandom with my tail between my legs). The depictions of motherhood in KKM certainly are wacky, but endearing! I'm glad this story manages to capture it even just a little. :)

Hooray for the Sore Feet Song! I definitely had it on repeat for several days in hopes of dislodging it from my brain!! So relaxing.

Thanks again!!!!

on 2009-05-13 12:26 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
*hugs back* You're very welcome, heh. =) No need for any premature slinking, I quite enjoyed this. ;)

And yes, the relationships in KKM are certainly...unique. :P Which makes for great fanfic, so it's all good, isn't it?

the Sore Feet Song! (...) So relaxing.

Isn't it? And I love the lyrics - robbing banks and killing giant bears! ♥

on 2010-03-19 05:35 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Aaaahhhh, so THAAAAAAT'S why Gwendal wears that particular uniform. It is indeed perfect for hiding certain assets. *Coughs*

Absolutely loved this story. It's very well written and quite humorous. It has me looking at Gwendal in a whole new light. Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention.

on 2010-03-25 01:08 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Thank you so much!! I'm very glad you enjoyed it and that it has made you look at Gwendal differently - he doesn't get enough sympathy, in my opinion. :) Thanks for reading!


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