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Huh. Can't believe I haven't posted in a year! Have really missed posting but haven't felt up to it. And now it looks like most of the Kool Kids have migrated to Dreamwidth. But that's what I get for dropping the ball. C'est la vie. So what has la vie been like lately? Perhaps a quick list will cover it.

  • Thesis? Yup, still not done. But soooooooooo close I can taste it.

  • Guilt factor: 11.

  • Fall/Winter Fandom of Choice: Fullmetal Alchemist. So much to do to poor work with in the dashing Colonel Mustang.

  • Spring/Summer Fandom of Choice: NCIS. o_O!! My first live-action fandom in like 10 FUCKING YEARS! Really not sure what that says about my psyche. All I know is Agent Gibbs really floats my boat. (But what's with all the Stargate crossovers????)

  • Re hankering after a man 20 years my senior: WTF? (At least he is younger than my dad...)

  • Re feeling amazingly old myself: WTF????
  • (How did I get to be this old???)
  • Number of fics completed since last post: 1. (Two days ago)

  • Number of fics started and left to go fallow since last post: 3

  • Sense of failure at not being able to complete anything: Massive

  • Worry over future of life as a middle-aged spinster with no particular skillz: Super Massive

  • Out-of-proportion annoyance currently elicited by:

    • IMDB's new layout

    • Fanfic writers who do not know that "intact" is one fucking word

    • People asking me when I will be done

    • U-turns being pulled in inappropriate places by bad college drivers

  • Things that have managed to make me happy despite my abysmal self-loathing:

    • Pop Culture Happy Hour on NPR (So.Much.Love.)

    • Guest kitty (who sadly must go home this weekend)

    • Diving in pitch black water in Florida

    • Did I mention NCIS????

    • Occasional texts from Ms. E. telling me she misses me. (Love you, Babe!!!)

    • The Bones episode The Double Death of the Dearly Departed. Crazy slapstick FTW.

    • The song "Kandi" by One Eskimo (even though the song itself is not exactly happy...)

  • Song currently on repeat on my headphones: "Power Trip Ballad" by Maria Mena. (Perhaps the fact that I can't get the line "Do you wanna know why I'm angry" out of my head should tell me something.)

  • Financial Stress Factor: let's not go there

  • Something that has made me laugh out loud recently: The line "I hated it like it kicked my dog and sent me an invoice." From Linda Holmes on Monkey See blog on NPR.

  • Movies I've seen in the theater:

    • The A Team. 3 times. Cannot believe how much I enjoyed this movie!

    • Inception. Once. Interesting and pretty, but not sure I need another run through.

    • Scott Pilgrim. Once. Fun, but I wanted Knives and Ramona to end up together at the end and tell Scott to take a hike. :D

  • Movie I am probably looking forward to wayyyyyyy too much for someone my age: Tron: Legacy. Can. Not. Wait.

  • Movie I want to watch but know it will make me want to slit my wrists: A Single Man

  • General Sense of Panic at Hiding out from Real Life in Movies/tv/tvtropes/etc: 71.8

  • Amount of thesis time wasted writing this blog entry: 1 hour 20 minutes.

  • Amount of Stress Relief Achieved: 12.4 Hugs

Okay, I guess that's enough for now. If anyone actually read this, thanks! *hug* And it's nice to be back. Facebook is nice and all, but here I can be myself and (mostly) anonymous and naughty as I please. Damn, I've missed this place!!
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