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I may regret this, but I was persuaded to sign up for Yuletide 2010. Wish me luck, folks! :)

Thank you for checking out my Yuletide 2010 requests!! I initially got involved more to write than to request, so I’d probably be happy with just about anything. However, if you would like a quick overview of my general tastes, here goes:

- Happy or, at least, neutral endings.
- Slashy goodness, explicit, implied or in between
- Am a sucker for hurt/comfort
- Humor where possible
- Action – plot makes me very happy, no matter how fantastical it is
- Realism

- Femslash – just not a fan
- Sappy romance
- Death fics
- Mary Sues
- Mpreg @_@

I have no objection to gen, het, threesomes, kink, violence, angst, pwp or character studies. As for my particular requests, here are my few ideas:

The Quick and The Dead. I’ve always thought that the fact that Herod has Cort dragged back to town and kept in chains for the whole movie was rather blatantly slashy. So anything with Herod hitting on or even forcing himself on Cort would seem to me to fit easily into canon. But would be happy with anything focusing on Cort being stuck at Herod’s mercy – whether it be sympathy/pity from Ellen, drunken hookup with Kid, Kid/Ellen/Cort threesome – I’d be good with that. Or just Cort reflecting on his crappy week. Am cool most anything.

A-Team (2010). Loved this movie to death. As I said in my request, the Face/Hannibal dynamic was awesome and could easily be interpreted as partners in crime, father-son, or lovers. Would love any sort of adventure-based scene (just a snippet from a larger escapade is enough) with just the two of them or with the other team members. Bonus points for hilarious Murdoch lines. Actually, him walking in on them in a compromising position would completely make my day. :)

False Colours. It seems unlikely that anyone will pick this, but in case you do, I am requesting anything with fun twin interaction. The two showed such comraderie in the book and it would be great to flesh that out in a scene from their earlier days. Twincest would be great - I could see them as bored teens dealing with their raging hormones. On the other hand, I would also adore a story from when they were kids getting into some madcap scrape and being loyally yet inappropriately defended by their devoted mother.

Ladyhawke. What if the Bishop cast the spell not because he was in love with Isabeau but rather with Navarre? Could make for an interesting perspective shift. Generally, though, I have always loved Navarre but he’s keeps pretty much to himself, so I would enjoy anything that explores his character a little more – his thoughts as he travels with Isabeau or Philippe, logistical issues with hiding from the bishop’s men for two years or even just trouble with finding his clothes one morning. I’m easy.

If any of these scenarios appeal to you, SUPER, if not, anything you feel like writing will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a million zillion trillion!
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