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With stress building from the Unknown Future of Unknown, I have once again channeled my energies into pr0n. Just a wee draught to slake my naughty Gibbs thirst. Hopefully now I can settle down and face the UFoU with a clear mind. (HA.) Or maybe I can at least focus on my corrections a little more. Need to clear up a ton of frustrating loose ends which sometimes make me want to punch things. Or, as is safer, take it out on my hot, fictional boys. Sorry, Jethro, but it's your turn tonight. :D

So, without further ado, for those who can manage to get to anyone else's postings amidst all this LJ cloak and dagger craziness, I humbly present...

Title: Self-Inflicted Punishment
Author: Lukoni
Fandom: NCIS
Pairings: Mention of Gibbs/Dinozzo and Dinozzo/Barrett; OMC/Gibbs
Word Count: 770
Summary: Gibbs feels things slipping out of control, and needs some help getting it back.
Rating: R
Warnings: Brief, non-explicit M/M BDSM. Mild angst.
Notes: Tag to episode 8x20 (“Two-Faced”), so probably some spoilers there. Just a little Gibbs POV to help me sort out the weirdness of this latest ep.

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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has marked as possibly inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18. )
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It's really more like my mind is a giant waffle - should I stay here and try to do the PhD? Should I apply somewhere else for a PhD? Would I even make a decent professor? Should I give up on that idea altogether, settle for the masters and get a non-academic job? What kind of job? Am I qualified for anything? Can I compete in this tight market as a 40-year-old woman who has been out of the work force for six years? Should I just become a Starbucks barista (if I am not over the age limit)? Become a homeless crackhead? Professional dogsitter - the only true skill I have picked up in grad school? Bah. Fuck. It. All.

In order to combat the suffocating syrup that is setting into the waffle squares of my mind, here is yet another fanfic. Because even if I am wasting my life, I can at least try and entertain a few others along the way. Not that this story is all that entertaining. No smex, no jokes, no madcap adventures. Must be off my game. One of these days I'll get back to the smex. And to Trowa - my beautiful, stretchy, long-legged mute. I have a half-finished story with him and Duo which makes me laugh like a maniac every time I re-read it, but I just haven't been able to figure out the ending and so it languishes. Alas. But I keep it on my horizon because I love it so. Although, I fear by the time I finish it, there will only be three fans of GW left! :)

In the meantime...

Title: Worse for Wear
Author: Lukoni
Fandom: NCIS
Characters: Gibbs, Tony (friendship), mention of Mike Franks
Word Count: ca. 950
Summary: Surviving an explosion isn’t as easy as it looks. Special Agent Gibbs has doubts about his ability to lead his team after his time away.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Some angstiness; mild hurt/comfort.
Spoilers: Not really – references to Hiatus I & II.
Notes: Set early in season 4, soon after Gibbs decides to return to NCIS permanently. Not intended to be slashy, but can be looked at as pre-slash if the reader so desires (we aim to please here at Lukoni’s Underground Lair of Escapist Fantasy).

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Well, according to lj stats, it has been 11 weeks since I last posted! Yoiks. I didn't go into the field this summer - stayed in town to finish my thesis. Have so far made a good deal of progress, though the end of August is hurtling down a wormhole and straight at my head. Must brace myself for impact. Or just finish writing. That would make me happy, and is not an unreasonable goal, really. Hooray for some things. Financial crisis has only been partially averted - much hangs on pending job application. *crosses fingers* Diverting my anxiety with fic has only been partially successful. :P
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Title: Juxtaposition 1
Author: Lukoni
Fandom: Kyo Kara Maoh!
Characters: Gwendal, Gegenhuber (no pairings)
Word Count: 750
Summary: Two men reflect on each other’s influence on their lives.
Rating: G
Warnings: Introspection. Mild angst?
Spoilers: Some for issues with the boxes and their keys and all that.
Notes: Just experimenting with characterization here, so no real plot. No beta, so all mistakes are completely mine. Feedback, criticism and typo notifications welcome and appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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So I had a most unproductive thesis-writing weekend, due to spending most of it sucking down all 26 episodes of Mushishi. (Curse you Hulu!!). So now I've still got the theme song running through my head nonstop and as a little hair-of-the-dog therapy have started reading the manga. BAAAAAAAD GIRL! Haven't gone on such a bender in quite some time. I'm a total sucker for good supernatural/paranormal tales (Requiem from the Darkness, anyone?). Really must get back to reality ASAP. But hey, now I can add yet another one-eyed protagonist to my list of hotties (it really is getting way too long - what is it with anime and eye loss????)

In other news, the humidity is back with a vengeance, I'm still heading towards an impending financial meltdown, I've applied for a job, I have no idea what I'm doing next semester if I don't get that job, and my car is in the shop. Oh boy. Guess that means it's time for another fic. Why not? Still no inspiration on the Trowa front. *hugs him* Can't seem to think of anything that hasn't already been done a dozen times and better than I could. So a little more Gwendal love to tide me over. And maybe someday I'll finish the Roy/Havoc piece I started a millennium ago. Or perhaps my thesis?? *raps knuckles with imaginary ruler*

Title: Gwendal’s Package
Author: Lukoni
Fandom: Kyo Kara Maoh!
Characters: Cheri, Gwendal
Word Count: ca. 980
Summary: Why is everony making passes at Gwendal?? And what can his do to help?
Rating: PG (for “adult situations” - I've always loved that one!)
Warnings: Some naughty thoughts? Also devious moms and embarrassed sons.
Spoilers: None – completely made up back story.
Notes: Finally, a humorous story for this fandom!! It was inspired by a screen cap from episode 47, which reveals that Gwendal seems to be surprisingly well-endowed for an anime character. Resistance was futile. Also, not beta read, so all mistakes are my fault and corrections are always welcome.

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Yup, I should be working on my thesis today (like every other day) and instead I wrote another story. But I'm hoping that getting this one out of my head will make more room for thesisy stuff. The brain works that way, right?

Title: Depature
Author: Lukoni
Fandom: Kyo Kara Maoh!
Characters: Gwendal
Word Count: ca. 1300
Summary: Gwendal prepares to leave his family behind as illness catches up with him.
Rating: G
Warnings: Impending character death
Spoilers: Not really.
Notes: Set perhaps a year or two after the end of the series, though I haven’t actually finished watching then 3rd season, so if this contradicts anything revealed there, my apologies.

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Yo. As has been the case for many others, it appears, I haven't really been up for writing lately. Mostly I'm attributing it to stress, though I've also felt more emotionally stable lately, which apparently translates into 'emotionally dead with no interesting thought in my head.' But last night as I was flipping through my anime pictures folder, I came across one that I'd always meant to write a story for, and for some unknown reason I went ahead and did just that. (I must have been possessed by demons.) It's not an emotionally deep or moving story, but it was fun just to get some words down on "paper" again.

So if anyone's still interested in Trowa, here's a quickie...

Title: Brace for Impact
Author: Lukoni
Characters: Trowa, Heero, mention of Trowa/OMC
Word Count: ca 900
Summary: Trowa finishes up a job and prepares to withstand the fallout.
Rating: PG
Warnings: References to gritty spy life, humor, as many metaphors for ‘junk’ as I could think of, minimal plot.
Notes: Set post-EW. Inspired by an old piccie by Kashie Chan . I’ve always wanted to write a story to go with this! No idea why I did it now, but I’m not complaining.

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So, I haven't written anything in over a month. It's been weird. I've wanted to, sometimes so badly, but nothing formed beyond the blind need to express myself. And now that it's the holiday season and everyone is coming up with festive, light, happy, playful fics all I can come up with is this. It's like someone killed my sense of humor and stashed the body in the root cellar. It used to be that I could find humor in almost everything and it buoyed me up. Not so much lately. All I can say is, thank heavens for Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me. It still hasn't failed to make me laugh.

So please forgive my self-indulgent blues. Hope everyone out there is doing well and having a happy holiday season!

Title: Traces
Author: Lukoni
Characters: Trowa/Quatre
Word Count: ca. 850
Summary: Trowa hasn’t been sleeping, and it’s time to do something about it.
Rating: G
Warnings: Angst. Pointless rambling. It's like a songfic, without the song! (Oh great, we can hardly wait...)

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Wow, I've been running around like crazy for at least a week now and I'm still not sure where all the time has gone. I certainly haven't accomplished much despite all the buzzing about. But I have been earning some extra bucks on an editing job, which is waaaay cool. Cash in the bank and another notch on the CV. Who can ask for anything more?? And I went on a really good dive last weekend. Practiced my buoyancy at my leisure and managed to maneuver pretty well around the cheezy sunken boat with camera in hand. It was really nice having a shallow, stress-free setting just to practice. Usually I just have to go straight into work mode and hope I don't screw up.

So I'm supposed to be going at my thesis with both barrels these days. Which means any time spent writing should be NOT be spent on writing smut. Sigh. Stupid real life. :P (I bite my thumb at you!) We'll see how long I can hold out!

Speaking of fic, I've barely had time to shower let alone write anything lately. Fortunately since everyone at [ profile] gw500 was at Yaoicon last week, the challenge was to haul something out of your odds and ends basket for posting. And there is this one story that I'm pretty sure I never posted anywhere. I wrote it a while back - about 2 years, I think - but I was never entirely happy with it. I think it's a little too standard and not particularly insightful. (Not that my other stuff IS, mind you.) But I figured I'd post it there anyway, with a copy here so I can at least make an attempt to have all my fic in one place. (On that front, other happy news - someone left feedback on a couple of superold stories over the weekend and I was completely surprised but mega happy. It's so cool to know people are coming across these and enjoying them! *warm glow of sharing my perversion with the world*)

Title: Bad Dream
Author: Lukoni
Characters: Heero + Trowa
Word Count: 620
Summary: Heero has a dream that is hard to shake.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Tad of violence; possible cliche!Heero
Notes: Set just before Heero’s duel with Zechs in Antarctica. (I'm crap at episode numbers!)

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Aug. 8th, 2007 12:10 am
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Well, after all the bruhaha on LJ who's in the mood to write fic? Hmmmm... I see very few hands out there. I will admit I haven't been in the mood either, BUT - a) the best way for me to support fandom is by continuing to write, and b) it's [ profile] lil_1337's birthday, and she really deserves fic for her birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABE!!

I find it appropriate that the prompt for the week was 'low' and that's exactly how I've felt since this whole thing happened. But as they say - when life throws you lemons, make lemonade... of course I'm more partial to the positively brilliant Sanzo line from the Saiyuki fic Beyond All Limits: Running Hot and Cold by itainohime: "It was a truism: that whenever life handed him lemons, he was always careful to cut the lemons into neat slices, and squeeze the juice into someone else's eyes."

So, anyway, here is my somewhat rambling and inconsequential offering for the day.

Title: Bending Over Backwards
Author: Lukoni
Characters: Quatre+Duo (friendship), Quatre/Trowa
Word Count: ca 2900
Summary: While vacationing on a tropical island Quatre gets to watch two master showmen at work.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Humor, minors involved with illegal (but nonsexual) activities, adult sexual situations, gratuitous Trowa ogling.
Notes: In the wake of the fandom paedophilia witch hunt I decided to write a story with no artistic merit involving children performing illicit activities that yet manage to have nothing to do with sex. Fuck you, WFI. Right. Anyway.... Written for GW500 challenge #184: Low. Feedback/Criticism/Typo notifications welcome. Thanks for reading!

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So I had the whole weekend free with tons of internet time and nothing to do - but, lo and behold - no one's online. Where can they be??? Ahhhhh, riiiiiiight. My brain finally catches up. Harry Potter came out this weekend. Duh! And just having read a stat on myspace about how Wednesday was their heighest traffic day ever, I started wondering if some places this weekend were registering their lowest traffic ever... or at least since they were in week 2 of Startupville.

So then my mind wandered a little further, and it came up with a little project in order to distract myself from my envy of everyone who is in Potter range. (I still may get lucky at the Istanbul or Frankfurt airports, but Bodrum is a PFZ (Potter-Free Zone) as far as I can tell. Plus it's election day here, so people have other worries.) So here is my fond dig at all you happy Potter fans around the world - I hope to be one of you soon!!

Title: The Ride Home
Author: Lukoni
Characters/Pairing: Quatre/Trowa
Word Count: 1084
Summary: Trowa drives Quatre home after an important late-night shopping trip.
Rating: PG (or less)
Warnings: Frustrated Trowa. Clueless Quatre.
Notes: A little “seasonal” humor for this very special weekend. Written for [ profile] gw500 challenge #182: Commitment. Feedback/Criticism/Typo notifications welcome. Thanks for reading!

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