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Well, according to lj stats, it has been 11 weeks since I last posted! Yoiks. I didn't go into the field this summer - stayed in town to finish my thesis. Have so far made a good deal of progress, though the end of August is hurtling down a wormhole and straight at my head. Must brace myself for impact. Or just finish writing. That would make me happy, and is not an unreasonable goal, really. Hooray for some things. Financial crisis has only been partially averted - much hangs on pending job application. *crosses fingers* Diverting my anxiety with fic has only been partially successful. :P
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Title: Juxtaposition 1
Author: Lukoni
Fandom: Kyo Kara Maoh!
Characters: Gwendal, Gegenhuber (no pairings)
Word Count: 750
Summary: Two men reflect on each other’s influence on their lives.
Rating: G
Warnings: Introspection. Mild angst?
Spoilers: Some for issues with the boxes and their keys and all that.
Notes: Just experimenting with characterization here, so no real plot. No beta, so all mistakes are completely mine. Feedback, criticism and typo notifications welcome and appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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So I had a most unproductive thesis-writing weekend, due to spending most of it sucking down all 26 episodes of Mushishi. (Curse you Hulu!!). So now I've still got the theme song running through my head nonstop and as a little hair-of-the-dog therapy have started reading the manga. BAAAAAAAD GIRL! Haven't gone on such a bender in quite some time. I'm a total sucker for good supernatural/paranormal tales (Requiem from the Darkness, anyone?). Really must get back to reality ASAP. But hey, now I can add yet another one-eyed protagonist to my list of hotties (it really is getting way too long - what is it with anime and eye loss????)

In other news, the humidity is back with a vengeance, I'm still heading towards an impending financial meltdown, I've applied for a job, I have no idea what I'm doing next semester if I don't get that job, and my car is in the shop. Oh boy. Guess that means it's time for another fic. Why not? Still no inspiration on the Trowa front. *hugs him* Can't seem to think of anything that hasn't already been done a dozen times and better than I could. So a little more Gwendal love to tide me over. And maybe someday I'll finish the Roy/Havoc piece I started a millennium ago. Or perhaps my thesis?? *raps knuckles with imaginary ruler*

Title: Gwendal’s Package
Author: Lukoni
Fandom: Kyo Kara Maoh!
Characters: Cheri, Gwendal
Word Count: ca. 980
Summary: Why is everony making passes at Gwendal?? And what can his do to help?
Rating: PG (for “adult situations” - I've always loved that one!)
Warnings: Some naughty thoughts? Also devious moms and embarrassed sons.
Spoilers: None – completely made up back story.
Notes: Finally, a humorous story for this fandom!! It was inspired by a screen cap from episode 47, which reveals that Gwendal seems to be surprisingly well-endowed for an anime character. Resistance was futile. Also, not beta read, so all mistakes are my fault and corrections are always welcome.

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Yup, I should be working on my thesis today (like every other day) and instead I wrote another story. But I'm hoping that getting this one out of my head will make more room for thesisy stuff. The brain works that way, right?

Title: Depature
Author: Lukoni
Fandom: Kyo Kara Maoh!
Characters: Gwendal
Word Count: ca. 1300
Summary: Gwendal prepares to leave his family behind as illness catches up with him.
Rating: G
Warnings: Impending character death
Spoilers: Not really.
Notes: Set perhaps a year or two after the end of the series, though I haven’t actually finished watching then 3rd season, so if this contradicts anything revealed there, my apologies.

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