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I've been in one of those moods for the last couple of weeks - frustrated, uncreative, and highly susceptible to new music. I still haven't figured out when or why it happens, but there are times when I hear a song that catches my ear and sticks in my brain and I have to play it overandoverandoverandover for days. I remember when I was a kid, I spent a good 2 or 3 days doing a jigsaw puzzle and playing Side 2 of Abbey Road endlessly. My mom never indicated that this might be... odd, bless her heart.

So apparently the stars have aligned in spades for another cycle of craziness, and now I have 3 songs I can't get out of my head, and have just added a fourth today. I guess I'm just going to have to keep my mp3 batteries charged and try to soldier through.

It all started with that Linda Thompson song I posted a while back. From there it moved on to this other Song of the Day feature:

Saddest Sound by Lucy Wainwright. Such a nice, clear voice. And great, mellow but not overly-angsty song.

This was followed by two songs by Ore Ska Band - doesn't everyone love all-girl Japanese Ska bands? I thought so. Bubbly and fun and so freakin' catchy it will drive you insane!!!!!
Tsumasaki featured as a Bleach closing credit song (after being unable to download this, I simply played it on my computer and recorded it with my mp3 player, I was that desperate to be able to listen to it whenever I wanted!);
Pinocchio featured as a Naruto closing credit song.

And now, it's this one, also from NPR's Song of the Day.
Havoc in Heaven by Jesca Hoop. This one is full of cool chords and odd rhythms that make everything slightly surreal and off kilter. I just love songs like that. (Like The Usher Waltz by Nikita Koshkin - a guitar piece that is just on the other side of normal. So great!!)

So anyway, I'm stuck in autistic music loop mode and am not sure when I will emerge. Really want to write a fic, but inspiration is lacking. Have been feeling restless lately and may write a piece or two for (gasp) another fandom, just for a wee break. But it makes me sad that all my die-hard GW friends are into different "other fandoms" from me. It's like leaving college to strike out into the real world or something. Or perhaps moving away from all my friends to go to grad school and then being completely unable to make new friends and going slowly crazy locked in my bedroom while listening to anime theme songs on endless loops. Oh wait, I've already done that. ;P


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