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Well, I did it again. Stayed up past my bedtime writing another silly story. When will I ever learn not to start these things at 9pm?? I'm totally sleep-deprived this week as it is (much interesting happenings at school, along with stressful issues with motor vehicle registration nazis), and really really really wanted to go to bed three hours ago, but.... I couldn't resist the lure of ficland. So evil.

So without further ado (so I can get to bed asap!)...

Title: It’s a Colorful Life
Author: Lukoni
Characters: Quatre(xTrowa), Duo(+Heero)
Word Count: 1473 (or thereabouts)
Summary: Quatre sees life a little differently than everyone else. Sometimes Duo wishes he didn't!
Rating: G
Warnings: No bad language. No smex. Very pure and unobjectionable. (Well, I wouldn’t go that far....)
Notes: Set post-EW. Started out trying for angsty introspection, but it seems to have veered off toward slapstick with a big dose of sap at the end. Written for GW500 challenge #161: Pain. Written in half-coma, so please notify me about any typos or other blatant errors. Thanks for reading!

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My roommate is whistling. It's driving me crazy. Please shut up now! I can't really complain, because he's generally a super great roommate. Oh phew - he just left. Yipppee! : ) I'm such a bitch!!

Anyway, here is yet another fanfic posting. Fuck. I'm NEVER getting this damn thesis done. But I can't help feeling that at least writing fic is some sort of writing and it keeps me in practice. Or something. But if I end up writing an AU novella about Trowa born into slavery in a villa in Tuscany and then catching the eye of a passing senator and purchased and brought to Rome where he falls in love with young slave musician in the Imperial household... well, I don't think anyone will be surprised except my committee.

Anyway, this latest fic has made me crave photography again. I really miss it. Went to Deviantart to check out some people's stuff and it was so hard to see all that amazing stuff and know I couldn't do that. I shot a bunch of stuff this summer but mainly snapshots. Nothing that I really worked hard on. And while I love the freedom of digital I can't stand not having an SLR. Just can't afford one of those right now. And can't afford film and processing for my old faithful. And a deeper problem is my lack of inspiration. I don't know how to get that back - nothing around here catches my visual interest and gets my mind working. It takes time and engergy and hope and a certain sense of mental freedom that I've been missing for a while. Sigh. And if I try to get back into it I will feel totally guilty for not working on my thesis. That's life, I guess.

Well, better get this up and posted so I can go work on my costume for Friday's Halloween party. What, me? Total slack? Don't know what you mean!

Title: Number 42
Author: Lukoni
Characters/Pairing: Duo/Heero, hints of Quatre/Trowa, Wufei
Word Count: 817
Summary: Duo gets a lesson in art appreciation.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mostly harmless, some nudity, bit of sap.
Notes: Written for GW500 challenge #142: Pi. Set post-EW. Not sure I like the ending - I started out lighthearted and silly but then I went looking for motivations and got a little sidetracked. Wufei is a hard character for me to get into. He’s so good at keeping people out. Feedback/Criticism/Typo notifications welcome. Thanks for reading!

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