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Today's German exam is brought to you by the letters W, T and F. Holy fuck on a sled! I just finished the first draft of my take-home German exam and it is totally fucking incomprehensible. Or rather, it makes sense (mostly) in English, but whether it actually represents what the German author was trying to say is another story. All I know is that I valiantly resisted the temptation to translate "Arbeitermädel" as 'working girl' since its prostitutional connotation is not what the text is calling for here. (Wait, does anyone know the adjectival form of prostitute? My dictionary doesn't have one). Since the article was paralytically dull, it really did need prostitutes to liven it up. And I can think of no other way of translating "Strassenkämpfen" than 'street fighting' which its parts literally mean. What else can it bloody be? Oh wait, I left out crossdressing, since it does say something about them wearing men's clothes. So that should really be Crossdressing Streetfighting Nazi Hookers. It needs an 'in', though. Like "Crossdressing Streetfighting Nazi Hookers in Space." I'm surprised that's not already in the Troma catalog somewhere. Sigh. Cleary I've gone mental.

On a happier note, My Quest Is Over At Last! Woohoo!! What quest, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. For many a year now I've been searching for one, only one, mind you, Yami No Matsuei Tsuzuki/Muraki story that actually captures the flavor of their relationship in any way even close to canon. It's got to be ugly, not consensual and without pretense of fluffy-bunny love. And last night, in a fit of German-induced agony, my wandering mind (and fingers) at last found their way, purely by accident, to Break the Horizon by Roo. It contains the following brilliant exchange:

"'I hate you,' he finally whispered.

Muraki stilled. 'No, beloved. You hate yourself. I’m just your reflection.'"

MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA. So evil. So true. So perfect. YIPPEE!! So my quest is finally ended. I should be sad, but I'm not. It's just so satisfying to finally find that one fic that I craved but could never bring myself to write, but knew, deep down inside, was out there somewhere. (Therapy is coming soon, I swear).

And as a special bonus prize, I even came across a delightful little nestegg of Shigure (from Fruits Basket) fic. I had long since given up even looking for Shigure fic, cuz he's like the oldest (or near enough) of the Sohma clan, and we all know that if you're over nineteen in anime you might as well start popping the Geritol. Anyway, some dear sweet lovey, calling herself Lishy the Po, apparently felt he needed some lovin' and set him up with Kyo. I'm not always a big fan of high school boy with older man scenario but this was done SOOOOOOOO well that I cannot complain at all. It left me with nice warm fuzzies that have lasted all day, and may well last the rest of the week. For the curious the fics can be found here.

Soooo, um, yeah. School work? What school work? I was even distracted while reading an article about frontier forts in colonial Argentina by the fact that one of the keywords was "bodily torment" which immediately got me to thinking about one of my recent anime rentals - Yugo the Negotiator. If you like your bishies fried, stabbed, drugged, frozen and served up on toast, then this anime is for you! Mmmmmmmm. And, as an added bonus, it was actually set in contemporary earth (or thereabouts) and there are no giant robots, troubled high school girls, magic powers or kung fu fighting panda bears anywhere to be seen. Not that those things are bad, but it is sometimes nice to get a more reality-based story that still has hot, tortured bishies in it. Well, one at least. It is damned yummy. My one complaint is that our here is so self-contained that you don't get to know him very well, aside from his near-fanatical determination to get the job done. A little more back story would have been nice. But still, it was great and he looks adorable sleeping on his pool table. And there was some interesting commentary on how well-researched the animation was, which I thought was pretty cool.

Well, I should probably get back to work now. Gotta iron out some rough spots in my translation and read something about gender in colonial Maryland or some such nonsense. Damn, I am blowing off this semester WAY too much.



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