Jan. 8th, 2009

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Hmmmm.... haven't updated in 7 weeks? Lame. Let's see where I'm at at the moment...

Word that's tripped my Overuse Meter: resolute(ly)
Things I'm tired of: Being away from home
Things I'm failing at: digestion, writing
Number of unfinished fics: 5
Number of unfinished theses: 1
Character I'm fantasizing about: Gwendal from KKM
Number of eyes he's lost: none... so far
Song I can't get enough of: Streamline by System of a Down
Things I'm fretting about: Getting a job, money, failure
Things I'm looking forward to: Getting a kitty (contingent upon job); being done with thesis (contingent upon writing)
Fic that made my Xmas break: Kissing Cousins - based on characters from Georgette Heyer's Cotillion. Georgette Heyer slash fic??? So rare. So wonderful. So well done.
Line from book that made me laugh out loud: "The Thiefmaker tried to let a vaguely sincere expression scurry onto his face, where it froze in evident discomfort." - from The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch.
Most recent film seen: Doubt
Most recent city I've visited: Boston
Places I'd like to live: Queechee, VT; Isle of Skye, Scotland
Things I'd like to do: Be happy
Things I'm grateful for: Friends, friends, laughter, ribaldry and friends.


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