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Well, after all the bruhaha on LJ who's in the mood to write fic? Hmmmm... I see very few hands out there. I will admit I haven't been in the mood either, BUT - a) the best way for me to support fandom is by continuing to write, and b) it's [ profile] lil_1337's birthday, and she really deserves fic for her birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABE!!

I find it appropriate that the prompt for the week was 'low' and that's exactly how I've felt since this whole thing happened. But as they say - when life throws you lemons, make lemonade... of course I'm more partial to the positively brilliant Sanzo line from the Saiyuki fic Beyond All Limits: Running Hot and Cold by itainohime: "It was a truism: that whenever life handed him lemons, he was always careful to cut the lemons into neat slices, and squeeze the juice into someone else's eyes."

So, anyway, here is my somewhat rambling and inconsequential offering for the day.

Title: Bending Over Backwards
Author: Lukoni
Characters: Quatre+Duo (friendship), Quatre/Trowa
Word Count: ca 2900
Summary: While vacationing on a tropical island Quatre gets to watch two master showmen at work.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Humor, minors involved with illegal (but nonsexual) activities, adult sexual situations, gratuitous Trowa ogling.
Notes: In the wake of the fandom paedophilia witch hunt I decided to write a story with no artistic merit involving children performing illicit activities that yet manage to have nothing to do with sex. Fuck you, WFI. Right. Anyway.... Written for GW500 challenge #184: Low. Feedback/Criticism/Typo notifications welcome. Thanks for reading!

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Well, I did it again. Stayed up past my bedtime writing another silly story. When will I ever learn not to start these things at 9pm?? I'm totally sleep-deprived this week as it is (much interesting happenings at school, along with stressful issues with motor vehicle registration nazis), and really really really wanted to go to bed three hours ago, but.... I couldn't resist the lure of ficland. So evil.

So without further ado (so I can get to bed asap!)...

Title: It’s a Colorful Life
Author: Lukoni
Characters: Quatre(xTrowa), Duo(+Heero)
Word Count: 1473 (or thereabouts)
Summary: Quatre sees life a little differently than everyone else. Sometimes Duo wishes he didn't!
Rating: G
Warnings: No bad language. No smex. Very pure and unobjectionable. (Well, I wouldn’t go that far....)
Notes: Set post-EW. Started out trying for angsty introspection, but it seems to have veered off toward slapstick with a big dose of sap at the end. Written for GW500 challenge #161: Pain. Written in half-coma, so please notify me about any typos or other blatant errors. Thanks for reading!

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God, I've been so fucking depressed lately! Pissing me off. Can't get anything done, and don't really care. I know some is PMS-related, but not all of it. Just went out to the northwest (got to be there for all the snow! Way cool.) And I was surprised to find that far from my interest being stimulated from being someplace new, I was more depressed. Guess I might be somewhat envious of my dad and step-mom having that old, comfy relationship that I will never have when I'm their age. I don't have to deal with that when I visit my mom - she usually is happy to console me that there are many benefits to being single. Her oft-spoken adage 'I want a man in my life but not in my house' always makes me smile. But at least she has kids. Not that I realistically want kids, cuz I hate the thought of being responsible for bringing someone else into the world just so that they, too, can be miserable, but there is still that stupid biological clock prodding me, telling me something's missing. Fucking hormones.

I can't even deal with writing, which I was enjoying there for a while. Everything I write seems emotionally shallow and full of cliches. Posted something last night and then took it down the next morning because I was paranoid that it sucked too much. Pathetic. And I find myself agonizing over whether I'll get any feedback or not, and if I don't then I'm completely disappointed and basically just too emotionally dependent on whether people bother to tell me if they liked a stupid 600-word story. It's so pathetic. It doesn't help that I finally broke down over the holiday and cracked open the second book of the Lymond Chronicles that has been tempting me since the beginning of the semester. FUCK, Dorothy Dunnett is an amazing writer!! Just reading one chapter of hers makes me ashamed to even consider picking up the proverbial pen ever again. Behold the brilliance:

"It was one of those occasions when Lymond asleep wrecked the peace of mind of more people than Lymond awake."


"It was difficult not to like him, and few tried."

Sigh. Such command of her universe!! Such clarity of thought and image! Such concise delivery! I am in paroxysms of delight and envy. It has finally become clear to me that my imagination is limited to the hackneyed plots I grew up with on television, and that my emotional perception is severely hampered by the fact that I'm a bitter, misanthropic old crone. Even in the GW fandom there are so many writers that just wipe the floor with me, it makes me sick. Especially when I am already feeling morose and incompetent.

On the upside - at least I took a few pictures in Washington that I liked. Would have been better with an SLR, but still, a couple were decent. And Newcastle was on sale at the grocery store. Woohoo. They recently jacked the price up to $9.fucking49! Jesus Christ on a stick! What's in this stuff? Titanium? Putting it on sale is the only way they are going to move any stock in this town. No one here is going to pay 9.50 for a sixpack! Hell, I can go to MH's during happy hour and get four pints for practically the same price. Huh, rant much? And about beer. The road to alcoholism is a subtle one, my dear.

So I guess I'll post my yanked story here, because I still like the last line, even if the rest of it is seriously flawed. And this is the only repository I have for all my fics. Except for one or two I posted on Pervy_Werewolf way back when. One was pretty nasty, as I recall. Maybe I should try that again. I keep coming up with silly comedy vignettes when I really want pain, blood, angst and misery - with an eventual happy ending, of course. Sigh. I'm really whining alot tonight. But then, that's kinda what this journal is for - no one really reads it but me, so I could just write shit down in a book, but somehow I can't bring myself to do that, but *this* I can do. Weird. Maybe it's the pitiable hope that someone will read it and sympathize. My friend Matt thinks it's completely pathetic that people do that, and I agree that it's totally egotistical (and probably somehow passive-aggressive), but I'm nothing if not shallow and self-obsessed, so I guess it's perfect for me. : P

Damn, life is a crappy place. And without any further ado (and with one brief rewrite)....

Title: Everything Nice
Author: Lukoni
Characters/Pairing: Quatre/Trowa, mention of Heero/Duo
Word Count: 668
Summary: Quatre’s sick of being the cute one.
Rating: R
Warnings: Fluff, smooching, mild suggestions of bdsm, garnish abuse.
Notes: As mentioned above, written for GW500 challenge #149: Sugar, but pulled for general suckiness.

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Well, I finally got something written. So frustated by my writer's block on my other stories. I think I'm putting too much pressure on myself to write them so they suddenly aren't fun anymore. Which just isn't right. Trowasex should be fun to write, right? On the hood of a police car, no less! (Subconsciously inspired by Giles and Buffy's mom? Perhaps...).

Anyway, went the wussy route and wrote a quickie one-off. It's better than nothing (but I still feel bad that I've left Heero, Duo and Trowa with raging hard-ons and nothing they can do to get rid of them.) Anyway, here's this week's distraction:

Title: Pros and Cons
Author: Lukoni
Characters/Pairings: Une, Sally, Duo; possible 3x11
Word Count: ca. 550
Summary: Commander Une considers possibilities for the future over lunch.
Rating: PG (for that vague ‘adult situations’ category mainly)
Warnings: Fluff. Another experiment in narrative-free dialog (I think I’m getting lazy in my old age), so possible confusion of speakers. Blatant crouton theft.
Notes: Post EW. Indulging in my one het guilty pleasure – 3x11. Woohoo! Submitted for GW500 challenge #144: Con. Feedback/Criticism/Typo notifications welcome. Thanks for reading!

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My roommate is whistling. It's driving me crazy. Please shut up now! I can't really complain, because he's generally a super great roommate. Oh phew - he just left. Yipppee! : ) I'm such a bitch!!

Anyway, here is yet another fanfic posting. Fuck. I'm NEVER getting this damn thesis done. But I can't help feeling that at least writing fic is some sort of writing and it keeps me in practice. Or something. But if I end up writing an AU novella about Trowa born into slavery in a villa in Tuscany and then catching the eye of a passing senator and purchased and brought to Rome where he falls in love with young slave musician in the Imperial household... well, I don't think anyone will be surprised except my committee.

Anyway, this latest fic has made me crave photography again. I really miss it. Went to Deviantart to check out some people's stuff and it was so hard to see all that amazing stuff and know I couldn't do that. I shot a bunch of stuff this summer but mainly snapshots. Nothing that I really worked hard on. And while I love the freedom of digital I can't stand not having an SLR. Just can't afford one of those right now. And can't afford film and processing for my old faithful. And a deeper problem is my lack of inspiration. I don't know how to get that back - nothing around here catches my visual interest and gets my mind working. It takes time and engergy and hope and a certain sense of mental freedom that I've been missing for a while. Sigh. And if I try to get back into it I will feel totally guilty for not working on my thesis. That's life, I guess.

Well, better get this up and posted so I can go work on my costume for Friday's Halloween party. What, me? Total slack? Don't know what you mean!

Title: Number 42
Author: Lukoni
Characters/Pairing: Duo/Heero, hints of Quatre/Trowa, Wufei
Word Count: 817
Summary: Duo gets a lesson in art appreciation.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mostly harmless, some nudity, bit of sap.
Notes: Written for GW500 challenge #142: Pi. Set post-EW. Not sure I like the ending - I started out lighthearted and silly but then I went looking for motivations and got a little sidetracked. Wufei is a hard character for me to get into. He’s so good at keeping people out. Feedback/Criticism/Typo notifications welcome. Thanks for reading!

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